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Open a DHL Account

As the 5th largest customer and largest small business solution of DHL Express, we are an authorized global reseller dramatically reducing international shipping costs by consolidating the shipping volume from thousands of small businesses under one umbrella. Request to open a DHL account (above), we will request the DHL account on your behalf, the DHL account belongs to you; you just pay much less. You will gain access to discounts you would never achieve on your own. DHL picks up and delivers your packages. It’s that easy.There are NO annual costs or hidden fees to setup and start shipping today!

Our Features Include

  • > Worldwide coverage to more than 220 countries and territories
  • > International Express Parcel delivery
  • > International Document delivery
  • > Domestic Freight Solutions with over 35 carriers
  • > Market leading transit times
  • > Free of charge packaging for your smaller shipments


one stop shipping specialists

We have a unique relationship with DHL Express, Ground Freight and airfreight providers that enables us to negotiate deep discounts for any shipping needs. These services and rates are available to any small to mid-sized business in the USA no matter what volume of shipping you do.


one stop shipping specialists
We have partnered with some of the best transportation solution providers in the nation. We offer user friendly, scaleable web-based software that allows you to integrate with shopping carts, eBay and Amazon and also allows you to compare rates from other carriers.


shipping service

You enjoy the same personalized service large companies are accustomed to receiving. InXpress assigns a dedicated shipping consultant and customer service representative to manage all your international shipping and freight forwarding needs. So, if you have a question or need help resolving a problem, you have the confidence of knowing that you’re working with people who know you and understand your business and shipping needs instead of having to describe your company and re-explain a situation to a different person each time you call.

How We Can Help You?

How can we help you?

If you have a small or mid-size company with “mission critical” or international shipping needs, partner with InXpress to take advantage of deeply-discounted shipping rates, get expert international shipping and freight forwarding advice from shipping consultants and customer service representatives who know you and understand your business, and virtually eliminate paperwork and customs headaches. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.